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        造型機維護技巧 Molding machine maintenance skills 當造型機在經過安裝調試并投入生產的同時,必須嚴格按照其必要的保養維護程序來進行保養。下文我們來從7部細說一下造型機的維護技巧。 When the molding machine is installed and tested and put into production, it must be maintained in strict accordance with the necessary maintenance procedure. Below we will discuss the maintenance skills of the molding machine from 7 details. 技巧一、造型機射芯機所有注油點必須定期按其部位要求加注機油、潤滑油或油脂。 Skill 1. All the injection points of the molding machine can be filled with oil, lubricating oil or grease on a regular basis. 技巧二、對密封件(易損件)必須每天檢查,如被損壞立即更換。 2. The sealing parts (vulnerable parts) must be inspected daily, such as damaged and replaced immediately. 技巧三、對室體護板每天進行檢查,有損壞應立即更換。 Tip 3. Check the body armor every day. Any damage should be replaced immediately. 技巧四、對造型機護板、葉片、葉輪、定向套、分丸輪每班進行二次檢查,如有損壞立即更換。 Skill 4. The second inspection of molding machine armor plate, blade, impeller, orientation sleeve and pill wheel is carried out every shift, if any damage is changed immediately. 技巧五、電器系統應進行二次檢查。 Skill 5. Electrical system should be checked twice. 技巧六、所有傳動件每周進行二次檢查。 Tip 6. All transmission parts are checked twice a week. 技巧七、操作工對造型效果應隨時檢查,如有異樣應立即停機,并對設備進行整體檢查。 7. The operator should check the molding effect at any time. If there are any abnormalities, please stop immediately, and check the equipment as a whole. 真正做到、并且做好以上7點小技巧,您的造型機射芯機設備一定會運行的更加順利,使用壽命更長,從而為您創造更多的效益。 With the above 7 tips, your machine will be able to operate more smoothly and use longer life, thus creating more benefits for you.

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